Policy For Email App

09/08/2019 06:31   by Admin

1. Policy:
This Email application using Google OAuth API to login to your gmail acount. This privacy policy explains the manner in which our application uses, stores, or shares Google user data:
- We use OAuth to get login token to your account email.
- We will not share your Google data to third parties.
- We store your personal data ( your name and avatar image) only in your mobile device.
- We will not use this personal data for serving advertisements.
- Email App is totaly free.
- Email App used for many email types.
- Email App don't get any private information from users.
2. Introcude Email App
Email is the best solution for you! It is a very beutifully and simple Email Checker Application. You can using Mail to manage all mail from all provider as Hotmail, Gmail, Outlook mail, Yandex mail, Exchange mail, Yahoo mail. Email is a email client, it supports more major mail providers and any other IMAP mailbox.

Email has simple interface, helpfull, friendly. We have carefully discovery many helpfull functions from popular email client as gmail, blue email, yahoo email, yandex email, facebook email, icloud email, 365 Office email to create Our Vina Email Application

Email keeps your mail securely in one place. It makes communication fast, light and mobile-friendly. It allows you to preview, read, reply and forward your messages as well as to add and view attachments. All you need is your email login and password and the mail app is ready to use.

Email is free email client app and very safe. It doesn't monitor any your data, your location. All your data is stored on your mobile device, not in cloud.

Email supports all popular email services:
- Google Mail (Gmail, Google Apps for Business and Education)
- Yandex Mail
- Outlook
- Hotmail
- Microsoft Exchange
- And other mailboxes.

- Manage multi email accounts.
- Support multi email flatform. 
- Push notifications for your mail account which can be customised to better fit your work-life schedule
- Search through local and server contacts (Gmail, MSN Hotmail, Outlook, Yandex ) with search suggestions as you type
- Browse files directly from the mail app to include as attachments
- Create a unique email signature
- Organise your mailbox by flagging, moving to spam or deleting your messages
- Support multi Filter type: Unread email, Flagged, Attachment, 
- Support multi theme
- Setup notification for new email
- Show avartar for eache email address



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